Belly Button Brush
Time to clean out the fluff?
Joke Parking Tickets
Trick your friends with these realistic prank parking tickets.
Wine Label - Katzpiss
I wonder what this wine will taste like?
Wine Label - Sh*t Creek
Why not rebrand your wine to our special Shit Creek vintage.
Blinking Glasses
Are you awake, blinking or having a snooze? These crazy glasses are great fun to wear!
Anti-Bullshit Spray
Cut out the crap with this minty fresh spray.
Baldy Man Hair Toupee
Get instant repair for receding hair!
Diploma in Farting
Congratulations, you've earned it!
Emergency Pants
Don't let soiled pants ruin your day, be prepared with this pair of Emergency Pants.
Fart Fan
Quickly clear the air with this handy Fart Fan
Golden Oldie Zimmer Frame Award
The perfect reward for any Golden Oldie
Grow A New Boss
Are you tired of being underpaid and overworked? Why not grow a new boss?
Home Made Poo Gift!
"I couldn't afford an expensive present... so I made one for you myself!"
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
The perfect gift for any old timer, this inflatable zimmer walking frame is the ideal means of transportation.
Joke Diet Kit
No Exercise, No Diet... This is the sure way to prevent over eating.
Old Age Past-It Notes
Keep forgetting everyday tasks? Why not make a note of them on this 'Past-it' pad.