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Wine Label - Sh*t Creek
Why not rebrand your wine to our special Shit Creek vintage.
Blinking Glasses
Are you awake, blinking or having a snooze? These crazy glasses are great fun to wear!
Fart Undies
These fun pants include rear open access to help you free your flatulence.
After Dinner Arguments Game
What better way to finish a meal than with a good old fashioned argument!
Anti-Bullshit Spray
Cut the crap with this silly air freshener.
Anti-Snoring Mints
Cure the Roar with this handy tin of mints.
Baldy Buffer
Shine up in style with this great Baldy Head Buffer.
Baldy Man Hair Toupee
Get instant repair for receding hair!
Bed Fart Cure Mints
Do you suffer from sleepless nights due to your partners persistent farting?
Diploma in Farting
Congratulations, you've earned it!
Emergency Pants
Don't let soiled pants ruin your day, be prepared with this pair of Emergency Pants.
Executive Decision Pen
This handy pen will help you make all the tough decisions in no time.
Fart Fan
Quickly clear the air with this handy Fart Fan
Golden Oldie Zimmer Frame Award
The perfect reward for any Golden Oldie
Grow A New Boss
Are you tired of being underpaid and overworked? Why not grow a new boss?
Hand Sanitizer - Touched Your Genitals
Hand Sanitizer: "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals"
Home Made Poo Gift!
"I couldn't afford an expensive present... so I made one for you myself!"
Hot Flush Fan
Why not try this 'Fan'tastic way to keep hot flushes at bay.
Inflatable Toupee
Simply inflate then fit to the top of your head with the elastic strap under your chin to keep it in place
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
The perfect gift for any old timer, this inflatable zimmer walking frame is the ideal means of transportation.
Joke Diet Kit
No Exercise, No Diet... This is the sure way to prevent over eating.
Lazy Mop Slippers
Comfy house shoes that clean the ground while you walk around!
Man Training Kit
Train your man so he listens to commands, knows his place and is perfectly obedient... well it's worth a try.
Mug - Grumpy Old Man
This mug is perfect for any grumpy old git!
Mug - Stripping Female
Pour in a hot drink and watch the clothes disappear!
Mug - Stripping Male
Enjoy a hot drink and a strip show!
Old Age Past-It Notes
Keep forgetting everyday tasks? Why not make a note of them on this 'Past-it' pad.
Old Age Wrinkle Filler and Trowel
Smooth away those wrinkles with this magic filler and trowel - you wish!
Pee Pee Bib
Are you fed up with wet pee splashes on the front of your trousers? Why not try this bib!
Pocket Fold Up Pint Glass
Have your pint glass at the ready for whenever anyone offers a beer.
Pull My Finger Fart Pen
Just give this pen a pull to produce a hilarious farting sound effect.
Stress Balls
Vital stress relief when you're being driven nuts!
The Scratch-A-Matic
A butt itching, nose picking or ball scratching thingamajig
Zimmer Frame Brain Trainer Game
How quickly can you assemble the pieces to construct the Zimmer Frame?!