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Welcome to 50th Funny Birthday Gift Pack

Welcome to your 50th Birthday! Don’t let getting older get you down, it’s too darn difficult to get back up again. This great value 50th Birthday membership kit includes a keyring, badge, coaster, birthday glasses and a membership card all of which is perfect to help someone celebrate their 50th birthday in style.

This hilarious pack also contains loads of helpful advice and observations about turning 50 and is sure to make a great funny gift for anyone’s 50th birthday celebrations.

Pack contains:

  • 50th Birthday Badge
  • 50th Birthday Coaster
  • Welcome to 50 Membership Card
  • 50th Birthday Keyring
  • Happy Birthday Glasses

You’ll be sure to celebrate a 50th birthday in style with this great value and exclusive pack from the Naff Gift Shop.

50th Birthday Coaster

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