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Joke Baldy Cleaning Mitt Now Available

Our hilarious Baldy Cleaning Mitt and Moisturiser Set is the perfect way to clean a balding head. Oil, dirt and grime can build up on your head so be sure to keep your scalp fresh with our fun Baldly Cleaning Mitt. Don’t see it as losing your hair, just see it as getting more aerodynamic.

Baldy Cleaning Mitt

This funny gift pack contains a cleaning glove and moisturiser so the recipient can easily give their head a quick rub over to clean and restore the skin. Let’s face it, they’re not bald… they’re just too tall for their hair.

Our prank Baldy Cleaning Mitt is sure to make the perfect funny gift for a stocking filler, Secret Santa or birthday gift.

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  1. This is just what my brother needs for his bald head. I seemed to get all the hair in the family!

  2. I’ve just ordered one of these for my husband for his birthday.

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