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THE BOSS KIT Joke Gift Set

Our hilarious Boss Kit is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to think they are in charge. The pack includes a selection of funny ‘The Boss Rules’ printed on the back and inside you’ll find a Boss Badge, stylish pen and coasters. What more could any Boss ask for? Do yourself a favour, just nod and agree!

This funny boss themed gift pack contains:

  • 1 x ‘The Boss’ Badge
  • 1 x ‘Property of The Boss’ Pen
  • 2 x Coasters printed with ‘The Boss’ and ‘RULE 1: The Boss is always right. RULE 2: If the Boss is wrong, see RULE 1.”

The Boss Badge

The back of the pack also contains 7 funny Boss Rules, these include:

  • Death: All staff are required to provide two weeks prior notice of their death to allow them time to train a replacement.
  • Deadlines: If staff miss deadlines they are lazy. If the boss misses a deadline it is because they are being thorough.
  • Quality of work: The minimum acceptable level is perfection. When staff do a good job the boss is not required to remember. When staff make a mistake the boss will never forget.

This hilarious Boss Kit is sure to make a funny birthday or Secret Santa gift as well as a perfect present for any new boss.

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