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Hilarious Desk Signs for work

This special offer multi-pack contains all six of our funny office desk signs at a great value price. Simply place the signs on a desk and turn them over to change the side from three hilarious messages. With six different desk signs to choose from you’ll have a total of 18 funny messages to display.

  1. Sarcasm Loading
  2. The Boss
  3. I’m sorry I think you must have confused me with someone who gives a shit
  4. Caffeine First, then I’ll deal with your bullshit
  5. Yes… I want another coffee
  6. Instant Human – Just Add Coffee
  7. I’m eating biscuits AND drinking coffee – and you say I can’t multitask
  8. Diet in Progress – Do Not Offer Biscuits
  9. Feed Me Chocolate
  10. Warning – This Person Is Prone to Talking Bollocks
  11. Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone… But Why Take The Risk
  12. How Much Longer Until We Can Go To The Pub
  13. Caution – Grumpy Mood Alert
  14. Senior Moment In Progress
  15. Quiet Please – It’s Time For My Nap
  16. Fart Loading – Please Wait
  17. You Better Be Quick – I’m Touching Cloth
  18. Pull My Finger

Each side on the desk sign measures approximately 21cm x 10cm.

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