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Welcome to the Over The Hill Club Joke Gift Kit

Well done, you are now officially Over the Hill! Our joke Over the Hill Club kit contains loads of funny gifts to help you celebrate¬†a birthday. This unisex birthday pack contains an Over the Hill Badge, Happy Birthday Glasses, Over the Hill Club Members Card, Over the Hill Check-List Magnet and an Over The Hill Coaster. This hilarious pack contains loads of jokes and facts about getting older – you know you’re getting Over the Hill when; The candles cost more than the cake, Your knees buckle but your belt won’t, Happy Hour means taking a nap etc….

Our hilarious Over the Hill Club Kit contains:

  • Over The Hill Badge
  • Over The Hill Coaster
  • Happy Birthday Glasses
  • Over The Hill Check-List Magnet
  • Over The Hill Club Members Card
  • Packaging includes¬†lots of jokes about being Over the Hill
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