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3 in 1 Desk Signs – The Boss

3 in 1 Flipping Desk Sign – The Boss

This funny desk sign contains three messages that will look great on the bosses desk. Simply place the sign on a desk and turn them over to change the side from three hilarious messages.

  1. Sarcasm Loading
  2. The Boss
  3. I’m sorry I think you must have confused me with someone who gives a shit

Each side on the desk sign measures approximately 21cm x 10cm. This desk sign is part of our great range of exclusive 3 in 1 flipping desk signs. Other signs in the range contain hilarious messages such as; ‘Pull My Finger’, ‘Feed Me Chocolate’ and ‘Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone… But Why Take The Risk’ – so you are sure to have the perfect message to suit your mood.

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