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Man Hair Trimmer – Now just 99p!

Do you know someone who is starting to suffer with unsightly man hair growing out of their nose or ears? Our funny Man Hair Trimmer kit is ideal for trimming nose and ear hair as well as eyebrows, sideburns and neck hair.

Man hair is sadly a fact of life. You reach a certain age and then suddenly find that you have more hair growing where you don’t want it and losing it where you do. So if you are suffering from unsightly tufts of hair growing out of your nose and ears, it sounds like you need our handy Man Hair Trimmer.

It’s so easy to use, just switch it on and whiz it around your nose or ear. Don’t worry about it tugging or catching – the uniquely designed cutter head avoids painful pulling and dragging for maximum comfort.

Our fun Man Hair Trimmer kit is also suitable for eyebrows, sideburns and neck hair to give you the full man grooming experience. It’s not just a prank gift but also a practical one!

Package Include:
1 x Ear Eyebrow Trimmer
1 x Positioning comb
1 x Brush

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