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Anti-Nagging Joke Kit For Her

This joke Anti-Nagging Kit for Women contains Ear Plugs, Stop Nagging Badge and an Eye Mask to give you 100% Nagging Relief. So no more having to listen to grumbles and moans about work you haven’t finished orĀ talk about cars/sport/computerĀ games; just open our kit, sit back and relax.

To ensure your peace, quiet and tranquillity each Anti-Nagging Kit contains;

  • Eye Mask
  • Ear Plugs
  • ‘Stop Nagging’ Badge

Warning Side Effects: May cause drowsiness, peace, quiet and relaxation!

The hilarious Anti-Nagging Kit pack provides a list with examples of occasions for when the contents will come in handy and is sure to make the perfect gift for any woman looking for a bit of well deserved ‘me time’.

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  1. This is perfect. It’s my anniversary coming up and we’ve been nagging each other during lockdown so she’s sure to love it.

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