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Lucky In Love Sexy Time Kit

This Lucky in Love Sexy Time Kit contains lots of naughty gifts, that should have the luck loaded in your favour! This naughty kit includes:

The Predictive Pecker. This Little red cock and balls will dish out sex instructions for adults wanting to add a little playful fun to their sex life. Simply place the Predictive Pecker on the palm of your hand and watch whilst it wriggles, twists and flips to deliver your sexual fate. This amusing dick of destiny comes with a pictorial reference guide on the back of the packet, so depending on which direction the pecker curls; Bellend – Give Head, Just the balls – Hand Job, Both ends – 69, Curling up at the sides – Cunnilingus, No movement – Missionary, Flips over – Doggie Style, Crinkles up completely – choose to do all the other actions or just go to sleep!

Orgasmothon Scratch Card. You’ll spice up your sex life with this Orgasmic Scratch Cards. Just scratch the play area #1 to uncover 3 steps to follow. If you reach orgasm within the time permitted you can then move on to play area #2 and so on.

Lucky Scratch Off Sex Coupons. Why not try your luck with these scratch off sex coupons? This naughty voucher book contains 20 different coupons with lots of kinky games or new positions to try out.

Golden Sex Ticket. Finally, why not give your partner (or someone else!) a very nice surprise with this Golden Sex Ticket. The ticket reads:

“Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Sex Ticket.
On presentation this ticket entitles the bearer to a night of sexual passion.
In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvellous surprises that await you.”

Simply present the ticket to a deserving person or why not put it in a greeting card, a box of chocolates or even hide it in the breakfast cereal packet to give them a real surprise! This quality A5 Golden Ticket comes with an envelope. (With apologies to Willy Wonka!)

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