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Every Hole’s A Goal Tiddlywink Game

Every Hole’s A Goal is the innocent Tiddlywinks game with the naughty name!

You’ll be able to really test your Tiddlywinks skills with this fun game. The large plastic disc is called the Squidger. The smaller round discs are called the Winks. The aim of the game is to use your Squidger to propel the winks onto the playing board and to try and land on the holes.

The first player has 6 goes to propel their Winks onto the playing board. If any of the winks land in the golf holes the player scores the points shown on the flag. However if any of the winks land on the golf balls they lose 2 points for each one. After their 6 shots the player should add up their total score. The winks are then removed from the playing board and it is the second players go. This then continues until every player has had a go. The player who scores the highest total is the winner.

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