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Prank Dogging Club Deluxe Membership

Are you looking for an unusual and original gift for someone? Do you think they’ll enjoy Dogging? Our prank Dogging Club Membership will claim to offer them exclusive one year membership to The International Dogging Club. The membership pack also contains a I Love Dogging Badge along with a I Love Dogging Magnet and a Gone Dogging Magnet which can be attached to their car to show they mean business.
This prank membership brochure looks like real Dogging Club gift, but with a twist. The recipient will really think they have been treated to membership of a Dogging Club but will discover they have been tricked when they go to the website to activate their gift!
The membership pack comes in a Remarkable Gifts Day branded envelope for added believability. Simply give it to someone as a genuine gift and then wait to see their face when they realise they have been tricked.

Please note this brochure is rather rude so please don’t buy if you are easily offended.

Q: How does the prank Dogging Club Membership work?
A: The prank brochure features a fake redemption code with instructions to direct the recipient to the Remarkable Gift Days webpage where the joke is revealed.

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