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Funny Toilet Stickers Pack

Funny Toilet Signs Pack

This pack contains 4 different hilarious stickers that can easily be added to the toilet cistern, seat or lid. The designs are ‘The Throne’, ‘Downloading’, ‘Put Me Down’ and a happy face. They really are ideal for brightening up any toilet either at home or at work.

These fun designs are easy to apply and can also be attached to glass, mirror or any flat surface.

The wipe clean PVC Stickers come with 3 parts – the backing paper, the sticker itself, and the transfer tape.
How to Apply:
Step 1: Clean the surface.
Step 2: Stick transfer film on decal firmly. Remove backing sheet.
Step 3: Position sticker on wall or surface and rub over with a card with pressure.
Step 4: Remove application sheet slowly.

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  1. These look great. No one is at work much so I’ve added them to the toilets when no one is around. I can’t wait to see what people say.

  2. These stickers look great. I’ll have to get some of them for April fools day.

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