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Wankers Wristband

Wankers Wrist Band – Absorbent Jizz Mop with Handy Tissue Storage.

This handy wristband is the perfect accessory for any wanker. The absorbent material is ideal for mopping up jizz stains whilst the handy zip up pocket provides ample storage for tissues in case of big splashes.

When your Wankers Wristband becomes too crusty simply hand wash in lukewarm water to revive.

The Wankers Wristband is made from 80% cotton, 12% spandex and 8% nylon. It’s also handy for keeping your keys in when you’re taking part in some exercise. If you like this you may also like our exclusive Wank Sock – the perfect partner for the Wankers Wrist Band and a firm favourite with any wanker.

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