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Funny Door Hangers Pack

Funny Door Hanger Pack

This fun pack contains loads of colourful door hangers, so you can put one on the door handle to let people know whatever you’re up to!¬† There are 8 hangers in total with a different funny design on each side – so you’ll have 16 hilarious designs to choose from.

  1. Do Not Disturb – Gamer Zone
  2. Caution – Masturbation in Progress
  3. Fuck Off Unless You Have Beer and Crisps
  4. Fuck Off Unless You Have Wine or Chocolate
  5. Do Not Disturb Hangover In Progress
  6. Quiet Please РBeauty Sleep In Progress
  7. Shit, Shave and Shower In Progress
  8. Pampering In Progress
  9. Do No Disturb – Sexy Time In Progress
  10. Exercise in Progress
  11. I’d Leave it 15 Minutes
  12. I’d Leave it 5 Minutes
  13. Geek at Work
  14. Warning – Bad Mood Alert
  15. No Entry – DIY in Progress
  16. Crime Scene – Do Not Cross

Each hanger is designed to fit on to a standard door handle.

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  1. Hilarious. I love these door hangers!

  2. Just what I need for work to put on the meeting room doors! Great stuff.

  3. These are great, you have just the design i need. I don’t really need this many in the pack but I’m the spares will come in useful in the future.

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