Diploma in Being Late

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The perfect award for someone who is always late!
The traffic was terrible, the train was delayed and the alarm didn't go off. Do you know someone who is always late? Does their constant lateness deserve an award? Well you can now recognise their inability to arrive on time with this Honorary Daft Diploma in Being Late.

This quality A4 prank Diploma certificate has an area for you to write in the recipients name and comes with a diploma envelope so you can present it in style.

The watermark is removed from the copy you receive.
Code NSS08

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 4 reviews
from Bournemouth
"We are pleased with the gifts, they are simple, jokey stocking fillers that did not cost too much."
from Stratford
"Bought as a joke gift for a colleague at work who is ALWAYS last to arrive!"
from Southend
"Arrived quickly (unlike my friend). Great item, ty"
from Stoke-on-Trent
"Really funny gift and really suits the person I got I for!!! Good quality and nice envelope. Arrived on time, would definitely order again from this site."