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Prank Rude Joke Envelopes

This pack contains five hilarious prank envelopes that are perfect for sending to someone to cause maximum embarrassment. Each envelope features a realistic logo in the top left corner on the outside to look like it has been sent from a real company. The five logos are;

  • XXX ADULT MOVIE CLUB – The Largest Porno Film Library – Membership Documents Enclosed
  • THE LIMPDICK PRIVATE CLINIC – Discrete Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – Invoice Enclosed
  • THE MAMMARY PRIVATE CLINIC – Breast Enlargement and Reduction Surgery – Important Documents Enclosed
  • THE STD CLINIC – Gonorrhea, Chlamydia & Pubic Lice Specialists – Test Results Enclosed
  • THE LONGFELLOW PRIVATE CLINIC – Penis Enlargement Specialists – Invoice Enclosed

The set contains five C4 envelopes each featuring a different joke logo. Ideal for sending as a prank… or with overdue invoices! Don’t forget it’ll be April Fools Day soon.

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  1. We offer protected and confidential STD testing and treatment!

  2. I sent these to some friends of mine for April Fools day. The designs are very realistic and made a great prank.

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