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Funny Wall Signs Set

This funny pack contains 5 hilarious joke wall signs that are sure to get a laugh. The signs are printed on glossy card and come with double-sided sticky pads so you can easily put them up on the wall or notice board. The five signs are:

  • I’m at an age where Fuck You, Fuck Off and Fuck That… Answer almost every question that I’m asked.- size 21cm x 29.5cm
  • Warning Zombies. – size 14.8cm x 21cm
  • Underappreciated? Stressed? Overworked? Family Problems? Money Worries? FUKITOL – The new one a day medication. When things are getting too much, just remember Fukitol. – size 21cm x 29.5cm
  • SHIT LIST – Don’t Break Shit – Clean Up Your Shit – Don’t Fight Over Shit – Don’t Act Like A Shit – And Most Importantly… Don’t Make Me Lose My Shit. – size 21cm x 29.5cm
  • Complaint Department – Take A Number. – size 14.8cm x 21cm
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