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CUNning Test puzzles game

Our CUNning Test game contains a collection of tricky puzzles and sneaky questions to try and catch you out.

Inside the CUNning Test you’ll find 50 numbered cards each with a different crafty question or tricky problem. Work through each question in turn and make a note of your answers, then check your results with the solutions printed on the inside of the pack. No peeking! It’s sure to make the prefect birthday gift, Secret Santa or stocking filler for any know-it-all, trivia buff, or quiz lover. But be careful, these CUNning Test questions are sure to have you shouting expletives @!#?%*!

Here’s one of the tricky tests for you to try out:
How may likes did Amy’s photo get if only one of these statements is true?
i. Amy’s photo got at least 75 likes
ii. Amy’s photo got fewer than 75 likes
iii. Amy’s photo got at least 1 like

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