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The Really Really Rude Charades Game

The Really Really Rude Adult Charades Game

Really Really Rude Charades is a game of pantomimes: you have to “act out” a rude phrase without speaking, while the other members of your team try to guess what the rude phrase on the card is. The objective is for your team to guess the phrase within the time allowed. Some phrases contained in the game include; Hung Like a Horse, Rug Muncher, Mother Fucker, Glory Hole and Cock Sucker. You’ll be guaranteed an hilarious evening of fun with your friends or family acting those out!

This fun game of rude charades is for two teams of players, although you can play a simple version with just two players who take turns to act out a word or phrase for the other person to try and guess. Full instructions are included. The game comes packaged in a plastic wallet.

Please note this game contains rude words and phrases and is intended for adults only.

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