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Willy Win or Boobie Prize Adult Board Game

Willy Win or Boobie Prize Adult Board Game

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This fun adult board game makes a great party game.
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Willy Win or Boobie Prize is the fun novelty board game for adults only. Designed for 2-5 players, its great for Stag Parties, Hen Nights or just as a fun party game.

How to play:

  • Each player puts their counter on the space that says Start
  • Take it in turns to roll the dice. Move your counter forward the number of spaces shown on the dice.
  • If your counter lands at the bottom of a Willy, you move your counter to the square with the head of the Willy. Depending on the direction of the Willy some will move you up the board squares while others will slide you back down.
  • If your counter lands on a Booby square, you miss your next go.
  • If your counter lands on a Dice square, you can role again.
  • If your counter lands on a Drink square, you have to miss your go until you have finished your drink. Alternatively, you can play that whenever someone lands on a Drink square they have to drink a shot.
  • The first player to get to the 69 space is the winner!

This is an novelty game for adults only. Game includes game board, dice, counters and full instructions. 
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