Gift Experience Sex God


Treat some to a really extreme makeover with his prank gift kit.

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Are you looking for the ultimate gift for a single male friend? It sounds like they could do with our Sex God Makeover. Our prank Sex God Extreme Makeover Experience Day claims to offer him the opportunity to be made into an irresistible hunk by a team of experts and surgeons.

Our prank Remarkable Gift Days brochures look like real days out experiences, but with a twist. The recipient will think that they really have been treated to a genuine Sex God Makeover Experience but will discover they have been tricked when they go to the Remarkable Gift Days website to activate their gift!

Simply give it to someone as a genuine gift and then wait to see their face when they realise they have been tricked.

Please note this product is a bit naughty so don't buy if you are easily offended. This experience day comes packaged in a white envelope.

Q: How does the Remarkable Gift Day work?
A: Each prank brochure features a fake day out or product that is designed to believable and amusing. It also has a redemption code with instructions to direct the recipient to a webpage where the joke is revealed.


Brand The Naff Gift Shop


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  • Julie


    So funny giving it to a 67 year old for his birthday!


  • Pete



    Joke gift and really good, fast delivery.


  • Alison



    This I bought for a prank birthday present, we thought it was funny and got a lot of laughs. Would recommend it as a fun present


  • Lisa



    Funny secret Santa gifts