Grow Your Own Toy Boy


Be the envy of your friends with this young, gorgeous and virile novelty Toy Boy.

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He's young, gorgeous and virile, with the smallest pair of Speedos we’ve ever seen! You'll be the envy of all your friends - this strapping, young Toy Boy is every woman’s dream!

This Grow your Own novelty Toy Boy has the ability to grow 600% in size when left submerged in water for up to 72 hours. Made of a sponge-like non-toxic material which expands when placed into water, and when taken out of water slowly shrinks back down to its normal size too, so this product can be grown time and time again.

Please note this is an adult novelty gift and not suitable for children.


Based on 7 reviews
  • Beatrix

    Milton Keynes

    a+ :) Brilliant!! Thank you!!!

  • Lisa


    Thought this was hysterical so had to buy it for my friend. Just hope she doesn't thump me on Xmas day. Lmao. Brilliant. Xxxxx

  • Jenny


    This is a very funny product to buy, I purchased this for a close friend of mine who is forever mentioning trying to find herself a toy boy. Very funny reaction when she opened it.

  • Ruth


    Great item & fantastic service. Cheaper than I've seen it elsewhere.

  • David


    Arrived in perfect condition, quick with no hassle. Looking forward to giving it as a gift

  • Clare


    Very funny gift. If only he was real.

  • Marion


    This was the perfect gift for having a laugh with my housemate! The fact that it can be reused and redone is a great addition to the joke!